Day one: Trek from Lalibela to Ber Metebekiya 6,hur

After early Breakfast trek from Lalibela to Ber Metebekiya (3600m altitude, which gives you more outstanding panoramic views of the area. The Ber Metebekia positioned and take in 360 degree views over the surrounding countryside.

The trekking from lalibela to Ber Metebekiya is not an easy comparing to your 2nd or 3rd day but the view starting 5 minute you left the city is spectacular, you will pass through few villages and farms. This will be your first day to know how local community live in the mountains.
On the way to wadebye you will take a short break for snack at Merebarbu (3300m). here we can embark to see swarm Group of Gelada baboons (endemic to Ethiopia) and other mammals, don’t worry if there is no Gelada at the time of your brake because we will see them again at mount abune Yousef Community conservation park.
After having your lunch and short brake You can walk to one of the villages close to the wedebye and learn about the life of the local people including farming practices, cattle rearing and local traditions or walk to the children’s school to teach any subject you would like. Spend the remind of the afternoon enjoying the silence of Ber metebekiya and overlooking the sunset.
At night gather around the fire not only for the cold but the local people have a lovely tradition to welcome their Gusts by washing gusts feet, of course some of our client call it (foot massage). It is common for the people in the mountain when new Gust arrive their house first they will give them food, then wash gusts feet and leave their bed for gusts, (of course now they will not leave their bed for you because they have prepared privet Tukul Hut for you)
after your dinner locals will present a lovely typical traditional dance of the Highland Tribes, you can enjoy the music till your time to bed. The Guide will give you brief about next day program & options.
Accommodation at: Privet Home stay at Ber Metebekiya

Day two: Trek from Ber Metebkia to Abune Yousef Park 7hur – Dewalka Village

Early Morning With picnic lunch Trek from Ber Metebekia to Abune yousef park.
you will spend much of your day at Abune Yousef Park. Abune Yousef is covering 70 km2 of Afro alpine habitat and spectacular scenery.
depends of your time of arrival at the park you can Explore some of Abune yousef Park Viwe points, Wild life seeing points & Peaks, probable you can visit Small & Big zgit 4100m.
have your picnic lunch at Small Zgit overlooking the panoramic view towards endless chain mountains of Sekota. visit different fauna and flora, swarm of Ghelada baboons, read fox (rare chance to see), plenty of Birds and lots of Fauna and flora of the area.
After you spend much of your day at Abune Yousef park, in the other direction we will take you to the most beautiful village of the Trek route named Dewalka Village. this is a very nice village with Spectacular view, located on a very nice spot for Sunset and Sunrise.
At night, as usual you will have campfire under the star and moon. Today the dance will present by you and the staff. Enjoy the local traditional dance and music you will be invited to dance our unique Ethiopian traditional dance. Before you Go bed. The Guide give brief about next day’s program & options.
Accommodation at: privet Home stay at Dewalka

Day three: Trek from Dewalka Village to Lalibela 7 Hur or in another Direction Trek to Yimrhane kirstos 5hur

Your last day is optional. You have two options.
Option 1: in another direction Trek to Yemrehane Kirstos (5hur) after lunch visit the marble churches of yimrhanne kirstos, which predates the Lalibela churches and was built using a completely different style of construction involving marble and wood. The church is built inside a cave. Pass through different villages and learn about local crops on different plateaus, specular view till your reach the church.

After breakfast trek from dewalka village to Lalibela 7hur. Pass through different villages and learn about local crops on different plateaus, specular view till your reach Lalibela. On the way have short stop at Merebarbu for Snack & Game Viewing.
Accommodation at: your choice hotel